Friday, July 10, 2015

Morning Breakfast

My favorite morning breakfast before going to work mash it up with French Toast and Creamy Coffee. Its very easy to do! Just in 15 minutes and the ingredients you can find over your fridge. The ingredients that I use are very common we always buy whenever we go for grocery. These are eggs, milk and sugar. You can search or read more about other substitutes ingredient online and procedures how to make french toast, its easy and delicious. You can have it if your a kind of person don't have much time to cook or eat every morning and I suggest this good partner with pineapple juice, hot coffee or chocolate. Yummy!

Still really cold outside and I hope on Monday its not going to rain cause I hate marching to work, with my legs and shoes wet. Its really troublesome especially when it rains with whiff! ooh.. Good luck! Anyway, its been a week and I hope everyone is doing safe and dry cause of the unpredictable weather we have also I sincerely pray for those areas affected by the rain fall. Praying it'll be gone soon and hoping for a sunny and cool weather.

TIPTOE: Twerk It Like Miley

Hello Everyone check out our first twerk dance with my sisters! I really loved to do a dance video ever since and look now! I am so glad that this easy steps I learned just for 30 minutes (what!? Lol) and luckily I got a chance to dance too with my younger sisters. Easy steps but killer moves.

I was just searching Twerk It Like Miley on Youtube then I saw a choreography from Got To Dance Germany. Its cool, easy and sexy, I played it all over again made me so into the steps then I finally thought of doing a cover of this choreography. Its just for a seconder steps so I finally made it! Though we don't have a perfect and enough space to do it due to bad weather, we decide to do it indoor, managed it perfectly (we tried to do our best guys. Lol.) and of course just enjoy this crazy thing.

I'm going to share also to you guys where I got this easy and sexy steps by Got to Dance Germany you will love it and you can also add to your dance competition or celebration just mix it up with your fabulous dance steps and you will have a flawless moves.

Please check their other dance moves and choreography visit their channel on YouTube you can click below and don't forget also to Subscribe.

Also don't forget to Subscribe, Like and Comment on our First ever dance cover (LoL.) You can visit also my channel on Youtube below.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Basic Focus and Rangefinder Tutorial

I know that I have a terrible photos on my blog and I honestly telling you that I am not so good on photography but today I want to make a difference and I want you to be with me to be a pro in photography.

I am using Nikon D5100 which I got from my eighteenth birthday 3 years from now and I took Photography class when I was in college. Well its just a basic photography so I learned that if i want an effective blog specially its a fashion and lifestyle blog  your blog must encouraging and well presented so people will love to read it.

Today, I was searching for easy way to teach me how to focus with my basic D5100 and I'm so grateful that there is a lot of tutorials on Youtube! Here's the basic way for beginners manual focus plus a rangefinder so it would be easy for you to spot your subject. Hope it helps you too!

*Tom Photoix 

Talking about Blog and Fashion

Happy chilly Thursday! I woke up very inspired and lively today because of this rainy weather. Summer, it is already slip away and everybody's busy preparing to seek of something that is warm.

Luckily I don't have any appointments or schedule today but to schedule my activities for tomorrow and doing this day to be my leisure time to fix my blog, finally! I've been working my new blog site for so long and it really takes time to make a new blog site. It really requires time for you to do it. Anyway, if you really want to have a blog or it’s your passion to make a blog like update it time to time so your readers will enlarge and increase your friends too. I think you better start making a blog even for a simple platform.

I've been doing blog for almost 4 years till now and sometimes I don't update it due to my studies before when I was in college and better worst that I am working now. I have a very tight schedule that whenever I have time is whether for me to sleep or to study/work my files. I always want to find time to do what I love but sometimes priorities cut it off. 

I really loved to do Fashion blog since I started sharing my style. Honestly speaking there are tons of Fashion blog and bloggers today. Some Fashion bloggers today don't just stick to fashion and style they also category their blogs in Lifestyle that made for me more interested to do but I suggest if you like also on this line make your blog that would be unique and standout from the same category you will be inline. Since I'm a girl loves always something new I would love my blog as my diary where I can share my experiences, learning, something new and inspire people. 

Its quite easy to make blog, determination, passion and love on what you are doing makes it possible but always put simplicity in all aspects cause you’re not making a blog to impress but to express who you are.