Monday, June 22, 2015


Just sharing this lovely book for all girls. We know Solenn and Georgina are famous showbiz personalities because of their beauty and sexiness. This new book that they released is about two ladies on how they overcome success and intrigues in showbiz plus tips on their healthy lifestyle. 
You can get advice and thoughts of reality that every girl understand.

I enjoyed reading this book all about Fashion, Fitness, Finance, Beauty, Travel, Love, Media and of course get to know well Sos and Gorge. I guess if you are really into this topics you want to get to know what this two beautiful personalities doing in their vacant time or how they manage healthy and successful lifestyle. 

Black Forest

It’s been almost a year and we always celebrate Father’s day yearly, this is the moment we celebrate and have a perfect day to spend and to show how much we love our Daddies. This Father’s Day I wanted to be normal and simple celebration with the whole family.

I had the best treat of Red Ribbon to my Dad. I couldn’t think how sweet of this cake for my Dad. He’s been my Superman through my years and he’s absolutely my number one Idol in terms of Finance and Career approach. Hands down Paps!

Happy Father Day to all Dad’s out there!

Black Forest by Red Ribbon

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The New Retro Girl

Oldies in Modern Era.

I literally don't know what happened today. I found this matching accessories in my accessorize 
cabinet. I just felt my body is perfect now to crop tops and high waist denim shorts which perfect on today's trend.

I love the idea of this match up on that added up of my wall that is full of CD's. I never thought of wearing sexy clothes or for petite ladies, I'm just so confident of this style so I try it on. My sunnies is so adorable! though I look stupid but hell yeah this one is so fantastic and styled. I loved the color matching of orange and other neon's. 

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Denim On long Skirt

Floozy look and confined pieces of styles makes you feel fashionable. I usually put things on whatever i see available on my closet and make it more fancy. I don't literally collect or array style trends but somehow i make new statement on my own.

These is not just about fashion or my style, I put this pieces and heap them on. As i browse and read trends this year, I was nosy from the breaking denim looks are in trends today which it has been used for decades. Its like bringing back the old style to new generation. I look and read some of fashion blogs about denims today and it gives me the natural answer that every fashion lover could love. Denim is something that is exquisite that even throughout this time it will always pure, neutral and original on its way. 

I try to pattern up denim to my new seasonal clothing top and bottom and it looks pretty good than I expect. It looks ornament to a simple galore and it brings you to a more fab style.