Monday, July 22, 2013

Denim On long Skirt

Floozy look and confined pieces of styles makes you feel fashionable. I usually put things on whatever i see available on my closet and make it more magical. I don't literally collect or array style trends but somehow i make new statement on my own which appears who i really was.

These is not just about fashion or my style, you may also read me as i put this pieces and heap them on. As i browse and read trends this year, i was nosy from the breaking denim looks are so influential which it has been used for decades. Its like bringing back the old style to new generation. I look and read some of the blogs or fashion blogs about denims innovation movement and it gives me the natural answer that every fashion lover could understand. Denim is something that is exquisite that even time, days, years had pass it will always pure, doxy and original on its way. 

I try to pattern up denim to my new seasonal clothing top and bottom and okay well, it looks pretty good than i expect. It looks ornament to a simple day galore and it brings you to a more fab style. 

Jacket Denim | to my childhood closet

Sunnies | Dior

White Printed Top | ArtWork

 Cream Splits long Skirt | Offbeat Fashion House

 Rubber & Gold | TomatoPh

Red V-shape Bag | Kimbel